Picture: Tim Kramer

T.D. Finck von Finckenstein is the pseudonym chosen by Thomas David Finke for all his pieces that are not part of his work as singer/songwriter. (We will refer to him as FvF in this text for that particular reason.)

Born in 1981 in Bochum, a city located in the Ruhr valley in Germany, he started performing his own German songs under the stage name Tommy Finke in 1998. Even before that, he played in a really bad punkrock band that is more or less forgotten by now, which many consider the band’s only achievement.

From 2003 to 2008 FvF studied Electronic Composition at Folkwang University of the Arts with composer Dirk Reith as mentor. His thesis “Über das Auratische in der Popmusik und seine kompositorischen Implikationen”, dealing with popcultural aspects and how to use those in own musical works, was published in 2008.

In the first decade of the new millenium, he composed sounds for video-art such as Martin Brand’s “Driver” and kept on touring and recording as Tommy Finke.

In 2013, FvF answered an unexpected phone call by Theatre Dortmund and became part of the wonder that would later be called “Das goldene Zeitalter – 100 Wege dem Schicksal die Show zu stehlen”, a three and a half hours lasting evening about loops, fragments and life in general. The soundtrack provided by FvF and the live performance was praised by director Kay Voges. This led to FvF composing and performing for “4.48 Psychose” as well. Ultimately, other theatre projects, such as “Endstation Sehnsucht” at Schauspiel Frankfurt, a thrilling version of Tennessee Williams well-known play, followed.

In 2014 FvF also joined choreographer Fabien Prioville and dancer Louise Lecavalier for the piece “Reverse_Me”, which was created and performed at Goethe Institut, Montréal.

FvF has since worked with  different directors such as Kay Voges, Adolf Winkelmann, Jörg Buttgereit, Ed. Hauswirth. (See a list of work HERE)

In 2015, FvF became Musical Director of Schauspiel Dortmund.